Westerosi Icon: Day 2

A glimpse into one of my current side projects: a Westerosi Icon of Baelor the Blessed!

TerraMare Icons

As you can see, quite a change from yesterday. I’ve blocked in the colors for most of the large patches, and begun some of the detail work on Baelor himself.Usually, I’d do a great deal of the prep, like sketching and so forth, all at once. But Baelor just wanted to be painted. He will still need a good deal of work, especially in the robe department. His head is also about the size of a quarter, so getting just the right balance of benevolence and Targaryen crazy in those tiny violet eyes will be a challenge.

The surrounding star, and the colored clouds, are going to take quite a while. I’m planning for the seven points of the star to be filled with gilded stars depicting the seven sacred constellations. Each of the colored sections is going to have a figural representation of one of the Seven…

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