The Great Ginger Beer Challenge

The Great Ginger Beer Adventure

This is a cross-post from over at Inn at the Crossroads, because I love ginger beer, and want to share it with everyone! And since I’m just crazy about making my own after trying the basic recipe I posted a few weeks ago, I’ve got a scheme.

It goes like this:

I make some ginger beer. YOU all make some ginger beer. Then we add a bunch of different varietals to see what wonderful new brews we can come up with. Take a photo of your brews-in-progress, and I’ll post them here. If it turns out to be a winner, I’ll add it to the list so others can enjoy it too!

Tried and True Delicious Add-ins:

  • Blueberries – crush 1/2 cup per gallon, strain before bottling. Beautiful color is an added bonus!
  • Mint – just a few leaves per gallon add wonderful subtle flavor!

 Other ideas:

  • lemon, orange, lime, rosemary, sage, chili, cardamom, cinnamon, and more!


I’m giving away a signed, personalized copy of “A Feast of Ice and Fire” to one lucky winner! You get one entry to the drawing for every varietal you submit (photo and recipe!). Just send the photos to the IatC Facebook page, and good luck!


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