Fictional Beverages

I’ve got a list going of various fictional beverages. Most of these are drinks I’ll definitely try out sooner or later; I’m trying to focus mostly on books (sorry, no Romulan Ale!), and would love your suggestions, if I’ve left out any awesome drinks! 

The List:

Blue Milk, from Star Wars

Islington’s Wine & Serpentine’s Restorative, from Gaiman’s Neverwhere

Wonka’s Buttercup Tea

Dickens’ Christmas Punch

Other Mother’s Hot Chocolate, from Coraline

Anne of Green Gables: Currant Wine, Raspberry Cordial

Chocolatl, from the Golden Compass

Fleegix, from Alan Mendolsohn, Boy from Mars

Harry Potter: Pumpkin Juice, Nettle Wine, Firewhiskey, Gillywater

Ent-draught, from LotR

Alice’s Potions for Growing and Shrinking

Pan Galactic Gargleblaster

Austershalin Brandy, from Gentlemen Bastards series

Klah, from the Dragonrider series

Ambrosia, from Battlestar Galactica

Grog, from Monkey Island

Blackbriar Mead from Skyrim



10 thoughts on “Fictional Beverages

  1. Good call on the Raspberry Cordial. What about Joie – from the Kushiel series: “Joie, a type of clear cordial similar to ice wine, is drunk on the Longest Night. D’Angelines consume small glasses of it and say to each other, ‘Joy to you on the Longest Night.'” and also described as, “a clear, heady liquor distilled from a white mountain flower. It tastes like champagne but is roughly as powerful as vodka.”

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