How you can help…

A surprising amount of work goes into creating and maintaining a food blog. There’s the obvious: cooking, photographing, and reviewing dishes, which is a heap of work on its own.

But there’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes, too. Most people don’t see the research that goes into any given recipe- it takes time to find the perfect clam chowder recipe from around the time Moby Dick was written. There’s also the trial and error process necessary for creating such an iconic dish as Lembas, during which I might make a dish five times until it’s right. And all of this is on top of, hopefully, a day job. 

The ultimate reward for all that work, apart from positive feedback from awesome fans, is a cookbook deal. I was lucky enough to receive George RR Martin’s blessing for “A Feast of Ice and Fire”, and no experience in the world could be more gratifying. It makes the days on end of pork pies and pease pudding well worth it. 

I’d love to write another cookbook for fictional foods. I firmly believe that fictional food is only going to grow as a genre, and as a way of enjoying our favorite stories. However, an undertaking like this depends on you: Enough fan buzz inspires publishers to believe in a project as much as the author does.

So what can you do to help?

A blog is only as popular as its readers make it. Comment, Engage, and Spread the Word! I am making dishes from such a wide spectrum of fan bases that I can’t adequately promote them within all those online communities.

But you can.

Do you love Harry Potter? Let other fans know about the Butterbeer recipe! Are you a die-hard Locke Lamora fan? Point others to the recipe for Sausage and Pears. The same goes for fans of Narnia, Neil Gaiman, Vlad Taltos, Tolkien, and every geekdom in between. The online community can accomplish big things, when it puts its collective mind to it.

Let’s make fictional food a reality together!

There’s also the more basic way you can help: financially. If you love what I’m doing, consider making a small donation to help keep the recipes coming. The money goes towards ingredients for even more fictional food!


2 thoughts on “How you can help…

  1. I’m so excited to have discovered your blog! A friend shared it with me on Facebook, and I am in love! I used to get together once a year for a Lord of the Rings marathon and one year we made “Lembas”–almond shortbread cookies on a bed of leaves. I can’t wait to see what you come up with. I think your way of engaging the stories is the best kind of review a author/book could ask for. 🙂

  2. just saw a post from your blog on another site. clicked the link and couldn’t be happier! looking forward to making some of these recipes soon. mybest friend loves neil Gaiman and he’ll lose his mind that not only do i know a refernce from one of his books but i’m helping him live a little piece of the book he loves! THANK YOU!!!
    im hooked for life!

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