Scott Lynch

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Scott Lynch is one of those authors whose humor-tinged descriptions send readers reeling into an exotic and interesting world. I personally love the Gentlemen Bastards series, and in no small part because of the food. It’s unexpected, quirky, and almost exclusively delicious. Here’s an example:

“At one end of the banquet table were desserts (the Fifth Beautiful Art): cherry cream cakes encased in shells of gold leaf that were intended to be eaten; cinnamon tarts painstakingly assembled with honey-paste glue into the shape of sailing vessels, a whole fleet of little ships with white marzipan sails and raisins for crewmen. There were hollowed out pears, their cores replaced with cylinders of river-melon fruit or brandy creams; there were shaved river-melons, their green exteriors scraped down to reveal the pink flesh inside. Every exposed pink face bore a relief sculpture of the crest of Camorr, and alchemical globes set within the melons made them glow with an inviting pink light…” 

And that’s just the dessert table at one feast. The food is mouthwatering, even when it is something as unconventional as rock eel with caramel sauce, or as mundane as salted peas and lentils. What’s more, there are many, many dishes described, which means an abundance of delicious recipes to come.



  • Bowls of bony chicken marinated in almond wine
  • Thresher-fish tails wrapped in bacon and soaked in vinegar
  • Brown bread flavored with sausage grease
  • Bowls of past ripe tomatoes and pears
  • Bread, Salted butter in grease-paper, wine
  • Chilled soup, heavy tomato base seasoned with peppers and onions, with sea prawns floating in it
  • Alchemical wine- looks like quicksilver, smells like juniper and anise
  • dumplings of thin bread folded over chicken-seasoned with ginger and orange zest, fried until the bread was transluscent, cold black beans in wine and mustard sauce
  • Almond-crusted bread-roll
  • Verrari Mint wine
  • Cherry cream cakes encased in shells of edible gold leaf,
  • cinnamon tarts w/honey-paste glue in the shape of sailing vessels, with marzipan sails and raisins for crew members
  • cored pears filled with melon cylinders or brandy cream
  • watermelons (rivermelons) carved with the crest of camorr
  • Stewed mutton with onions & ginger, stuffed eels in spice wine sauce, green apple tarts w/Austershalin brandy poured over Roasted capon stuffed with garlick and onions, with grapes and figs scalded in a hot wine sauce on the side.
  • Edible castle: Tower of spice cake, turrets and terraces of jellied fruit, buildings and carriages are chocolate, tower filled with apple brandy cream…
  • Cockentrice: pig head (marsh apple in its mouth), capon body, covered in brown caramel sauce and figs.
  • Gelled orange slices, paper thin, arranged in whorls to resemble tulip blossoms
  • Platter of infant sharks
  • Black pepper bread
  • Bread-pretzel
  • Coffee with honey/cream
  • Cold fillets of pickled shark meat w/lemon, black bread & butter, brownish fish broiled in orange juice, and coffee.
  • Milky orange liquor in a thin flute nearly a foot high, honeyed rum in a smaller tumbler
  • Smoked rock eel in a caramel brandy sauce, stuffed with apricots and soft yellow onions
  • Pear cider
  • Burgle- thick dark beer with a few drops of almond oil
  • “Likeness Cakes” – little frosted cakes made to look like real people
  • Peppered melon
  • Salted dark ale
  • Fresh roasted pork
  • Grease blanketed duck
  • White plum Austershalin
  • Breakfast of pickled shark meat, cold with lemon; black bread and butter, some brownish fish broiled in orange juice; coffee

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