Browse by Meal

This is the collection of all the recipes I have posted on the blog, including fictional food, historical dishes, and everything else I just couldn’t help but make. I’ve ordered them by type of meal, to help make it easier for you to pick and choose what you’d like to try!



Soups & Stews


  • Pan-Fried Garlic Bread, from The Vlad Taltos series
  • Bread-Pretzels, from The Lies of Locke Lamora
  • Flower Rolls, from The Hunger Games
  • Almond Crusted rolls, forthcoming
  • Lembas, forthcoming
  • Cheesy Buns, forthcoming
  • Salt-Rising Bread, forthcoming

Side & Snacks

Desserts & Sweets





2 thoughts on “Browse by Meal

  1. I love these recipes. I’ve always daydreamed about making recipes from some of these books, especially, The Lies of Lock Lamora. The Kingkiller Chronicle Trilogy (third not yet released) and The Pellinore Quartet also mention some wonderful meals which might inspire you. I would love to see recipes from those magnificent series. Pretty please?

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