Menus for Holidays

Because I just love sneaking fictional food into family gatherings, here are some suggestions for dishes that you can slip into your own holiday festivities! Do you have a favorite fictional dish that you think would fit well here? Let me know!

Valentine’s Day

Quail in Rose Petal Sauce

more forthcoming!




Pumpkin Pasties    –    Meatrolls

Snow White’s Apples    –    Coraline Button Cookies    –    Yam Candies

Pumpkin Juice    –    Butter Beer


Doughnuts    –    Concord Grape Jammy Rolls

Clam Chowder    –    Sausage and Pears in oil    –    Candied Sweet Potatoes

Capon/Turkey in Fig-Grape-Wine Sauce

Apple Custard Pie    –    Cider Cake


Who Hash    –     Christmas Pudding

Dickens’ Flaming Punch     –     Hot Chocolatl

more forthcoming!

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